India to Play the Most Matches in Upcoming FTP Cycle

The Indian cricket team are set to play the most matches in the upcoming Futures & Programme (FTP) cycle. As India has previously done, they will play the maximum possible number of international cricket matches between 2018 and 2023.

The matches include those across all three international cricket formats, including Tests, One Day Internationals, and T20 Internationals. The team will play 69 T20 International matches, along with 83 One Day Internationals, and 51 Test matches.

India to Play Significantly More than Other Teams

India’s total of 203 matches scheduled for the next FTP cycle, is substantially more than the other teams. The West Indies will play the second highest number of matches, and England will play the third highest amount.

The West Indies is set to play 186 matches, while England will play 175 matches. Australia is set to play just one less match than England with a total of 174 games scheduled.

Although India’s total number of matches is greater, when it comes to Test matches, they are playing less than England. England is playing 59 Tests while India is only playing 51 Tests. Australia are set to play 47 Tests.

In the other two formats, India is playing more than the other teams. The West Indies have 75 ODIs scheduled compared to India’s 83 ODIs. The West Indies is playing just one less T20 I matches with a total of 68, compared to India’s 69 ODIs.

BCCI Official Comments on India’s FTP Cycle

A senior official from the Board of Control for Cricket in India commented on the next FTP cycle. He said: “The FTP is now a bi-partite agreement but ICC also pitched in with their input while setting up the calendar. All those who thought that the BCCI will ignore Test cricket should be relieved that we are playing more than 50 Tests in the next five years.”