India to Send 100 Athletes to the Olympics

Rio 2016 OlympicsFor the first time ever, India will be sending 100 athletes to the Olympics. Four more athletes qualified to be sent to the Rio 2016 Olympics, making this the largest Indian contingent to compete.

While the total of Olympic athletes reached 100 when Muhammad Anas qualified when he ran the 400m race in the Polish National Championships that took place in Bydgoszcz, there is still time for more competitors to qualify. After Anas became the 100th qualified entrant, three others joined the ranks. Two athletes, Ankit Singh, and Srabani Nanda, along with Atanu Das, an archer, qualified for the Olympics.

In the London Olympics that took place in 2012, India had sent a contingent of 83 competitors, which had been the largest group from India to that date. There have been more individuals who have qualified for the upcoming Olympics, along with the 16-member women’s field hockey team. In 2008, India only took 56 athletes to the Olympics in Beijing.

The most medals that India has won in the Olympics was six medals at the London Olympics 2012. India has come a long way in the Olympics, and is hoping to increase this number of medals won this year. It is hoped that India will be able to count enough medals to reach into the double digits.

The Rio Olympics will start on 5th August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. There will be contingent from 206 National Olympic Committees, with new countries joining in this year. There are 28 Olympic sports that will be played. This year will see 10,500 athletes contesting for 306 sets of medals.

India will be sending players to compete in archery, athletics, badminton, boxing, hockey, gymnastics, rowing, judo, tennis, table tennis, shooting, wrestling, weightlifting, and other sports.