India Unsure if Kohli Will Play in the Fourth Test in Dharamsala

Tensions are high as India and Australia are set to meet on the pitch on 25th March. There is some doubt as to whether India’s skipper, Virat Kohli, will be fit enough to play in the match. Kohli injured his shoulder earlier in the Test series, and has said he will only play if he is 100% fit.

In the pre-match press conference, Kohli noted: “I’m no different from anyone. No special treatment for me and the same rule applies for anyone. Me being 100 per cent fit is the only condition that I will play tomorrow.”

The 28-year-old skipper is hoping to play in the match, knowing that as the team’s captain, it is important for him to take part. He said that his physiotherapist would prefer that they delay the decision a little longer and that a final decision will be made later tonight or in the morning before the game begins.

When Kohli was unable to take part in Ranchi, Ajinkya Rahane stepped in to lead the team. Should Kohli play, he will resume his full role during the match. In case Kohli is unable to play, India has brought in Shreyas Iyer, an uncapped player.

Kohli showed his confidence for the Indian cricket team, nothing that he is sure his team will do well in the match, even if he is unable to play. “Me playing or not not playing should not be so much of a difference to the other 10 guys… I’ve not done anything special so far but still the guys have fought it out. That shows why we are the number one team in the world,” he said.

The match is expected to be an exciting one. Australia won the first Test, with India winning the second. The third Test match was declared a draw. The final match in the four-Test series will determine the winner.