India vs England Fourth Test at Nagpur

Day one of the India vs England Fourth Test cricket match at Nagpur has taken place today. While Ishant Sharma got his best bowling figures in five Tests that have taken place this year, Kevin Pietersen completed 1,000 runs so far in 2012.

The English batsman, Pietersen’s, average number of runs over 14 Tests is now 45.52, based on an aggregate of 1,047. This is the fourth year that Pietersen has reached more than 1,000 runs in a single calendar year. He achieved this distinction before in 2006, 2007, and in 2008.

As far as Pietersen’s statistics when playing against India, this is his 29th fifty that he has achieved in Tests, with 73 off 188 balls in the sixth Test he has played against India.

Pietersen, however, had the following to say regarding the pitch at Nagpur: “It’s toughest wicket I have played Test cricket on in terms of scoring runs. I don’t have a clue what the pitch will do later. It’s playing pretty similar to what it did at the start of the day.”

Although Pietersen may have ended up with the top score for the tourists at the end of the first innings, he said that the number of runs only has meaning once the game itself is completed. He noted: “Like I said after the runs in Mumbai, it doesn’t mean absolutely nothing until the game is over. I think we are in an okay position. I don’t know what that pitch will do later but it’s slow. I think the key today was to try to bat as long as possible because I don’t think that wicket is getting any better.”

The England batsman also noted that he found that it was particularly difficult to score runs off India’s Ishant Sharma today. The India team chose to play four spinners, which is looking like it was a good decision.