India Will be Hosting More Home Games

The Indian cricket team will be hosting more home games than usual in the 2019 – 2023 cricket cycle. Although the number of days have been reduced, the team will host 81 home tours. The decision was made by the BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India). The decision was made by a Special Governing Body meeting.

In the current cycle, beginning in 2015, and ending in 2019, the team will have played for 390 days. The upcoming cycle will have the team playing for 306 days.

Kohli Concerned Over Too Many Days of Play

Virat Kohli, the team’s captain, had expressed his reservations about the amount of cricket that has been scheduled. His opinion was taken into account by the BCCI when decisions were made for the upcoming cycle. The BCCI’s Amitabh Choudhary, the acting secretary, publicly acknowledged Kohli’s point of view.

Kohli had expressed concerns about the short amount of time between the Sri Lankan test on India’s home ground, and the upcoming away games in South Africa.

Chaudhary Explains the Upcoming Cycle

Chadhary has explained that India will have two home seasons. One of these will run from October to December, and the second will run from January to March. The first part will be considered the primary season, with the second set of three months as the secondary season.

Chaudhary said: “We have tried to make sure that our home matches fall in our primary home season firstly.”

“We know that the seasons of Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will clash with ours. We will tour them but will prefer to do so in January, February, and March,” he noted.

Other Important Decisions

The BCCI also made some other important decisions this month. A notable decision is that Indian players will not be tested by NADA, the National Anti-Doping Agency.