India Wins the Asia Cup 2018

India has won the Asia Cup 2018 cricket tournament. The final match between India and Bangladesh ended with an exciting finish. India won by three wickets, playing until the last ball to get the winning result. The team retained the Asia Cup title, winning for the seventh time out of 14. Bangladesh made 222 runs in 48.3 overs, and India reached its 223/7 run total in 50 overs.

India holds the record for the most Asian Cup wins since the tournament started in 1984. Sri Lanka took the title five times. Bangladesh, as close as the team was to winning this year’s final, simply did not make it. Despite not winning first place, Bangladesh has played in the final of the Asia Cup three times.

Kedar Jadhav, struggling with a hamstring injury retired from the match. Later, he was recalled, and found the entire tournament on his shoulders with one ball to go. As Jadhav limped back out onto the pitch, fans were reminded of a similar situation when he did the same in April for Chennai Super Kings.

Jadhav pushed through the pain, managing to level the scores. The final ball hit on the leg side, taking India to a win through leg byes.

700 International Match Wins for India

Until India’s Asia Cup 2018 win, there were only two cricketing nations to have won more than 700 international cricket matches. With the win against Bangladesh, India won its 700th international cricket match on Friday. Australia stands in the first spot for international wins with a total of 995, with England in the second spot with 767.
India now has 700 international wins, followed closely by Pakistan with 693 wins. The West Indies hold the fifth spot with 604 international wins.