Indian Cricket Team’s New Zealand Tour

The Indian cricket team has already made its way to New Zealand ahead of the upcoming cricket tour. During January, there will be five One Day International cricket matches taking place, and in February, there will be two Test series’ taking place.

The first ODI will take place on 19th January 2014 in Napier. The second ODI is scheduled for 22nd January 2014 in Hamilton. The third ODI between India and New Zealand will be taking place on 25th January 2014 in Auckland. The fourth ODI is set for 28th January 2014, and will also take place in Hamilton. The final ODI of the India tour of New Zealand is to be held on 31st January 2014 in Wellington.

The first of the two Test series will take place in Auckland between 6th January and 10th January, and the second Test series will take place in Wellington between 14th February and 18th February.

While many expect that it will be easy for the Indian team to beat the home team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian team captain, has noted that the team will have respect for the Black Caps, as the New Zealand team is known, and will take the matches seriously.

Even though there is a big gap when comparing the rankings of the two teams, Dhoni has said the following: “They are a fantastic side, and they’ve got good bowlers in the side now.”

Dhoni noted that the recent activity seen by the New Zealand team has been good. He said: “I think they’re a very good side – especially at home. They’ll know the conditions better than us. Some of us who have not played [in New Zealand before] – it will be a new challenge.”

Dhoni explained that for this reason, his team would not be taking the New Zealand tour lightly, and would respect the New Zealand team on its home ground.