Indian Cricket Tour of South Africa Still Undecided

At this time, it is still unknown whether India will go to South Africa on the cricket tour that has been scheduled to begin on 18th November 2013. It seems that there will be no definitive answer regarding this cricket tour until the Board of Control for Cricket in India has met on 29th September.

Sanjay Patel, from the Board of Control for Cricket in India, and Haroon Lorgat, from Cricket South Africa, met with each other in Dubai earlier this week in an attempt to resolve the issues surrounding this upcoming cricket tour. Now that the chief executives of the to cricket boards have met, there will most likely be a meeting that is set up between the presidents of both these boards, after the Control for Cricket in India’s Annual General Meeting has taken place.

At this time, India has other cricket fixtures that have been arranged with a tour of New Zealand, and the West Indies cricket team coming to India, that clash with the beginning and the end of the proposed cricket tour in South Africa at the end of November.

Haroon Lorgat released a statement after his meeting with Sanjay Patel that noted: “After listening to Sanjay, it is clear that we will now have to wait for the BCCI’s AGM to be completed before any tour schedule can be confirmed.”

The statement further noted: “It is key for all of us to make sure that the good relationship between our respective boards is maintained, in fact, strengthened, and that we also honor the proud history between our two countries.”

The statement put out by the Cricket South Africa board also noted that until the Board of Control for Cricket in India has met, that it would not comment further on the situation regarding whether the Indian tour of South Africa would take place or not.