Indian Hockey Team Beat Poland 3 – 0

Field Hockey 1On Tuesday, the Indian hockey team beat Poland with a win of 3 – 0. This win is the second win in a row for the Indian team at the Hockey World League Semifinals in Antwerp, Belgium. On the opening day, India beat France with 3 – 2.

The three goals were scored by Yuvraj Walmiki in the 23rd minute, and Devindar Walmiki in the 52nd minute. The skipper of the team, Sardar Singh scored a goal in the 42nd minute of the match. Sardar’s goal was made with an impressive reverse drive that went into the goal from the top of the scoring circle.

The temperatures were cold with breezy conditions, which suited the Polish team, and took some getting used to from the Indian team. Not only was the weather rough for the Indians, play was frustrating for the Indian team too. Although the team began with aggressive play, making circle penetration a number of times, there were simply no results to show for their effort in the first quarter of the game.

In addition to scoring the three goals of the match, the Indian team played excellent defense, showing more discipline than had been seen in Saturday’s match against France. After the team had made its third goal, it was clear who the winners were going to be, and the Polish team seemed to have given up somewhat.

Rupinder Singh, who was missed in the penalty corners, was unable to play in the match against Poland because he is recovering from injuries that occurred during the warm-up matches.

India currently holds the ninth position in worldwide field hockey. The Indian hockey team won the 2014 Asian Games.

After a definite boost of self-confidence, the Indian team is expecting yet another win in its next game. India’s next match will take place on Friday, and will be played against Pakistan.