Indian Horseracing Authorities Give Dwyer a Two-Month Ban

In February, the 36-year-old jockey, Martin Dwyer, was accused of not racing a horse, Ice Age, to the best of the horse’s capabilities. After the Mumbai horse race at Mahalaxmi took place, a date for an inquiry was set up for March. The horse, Ice Age, who was the clear favorite, came in third on the final race of the day. The inquiry was conducted by Indian horseracing stewards.

Dwyer felt that he had done nothing wrong, and that the horse was raced on her merits. He left the race course, having to flee the angry punters, who had placed bets on Ice Age winning the race. After the Royal West India Turf Club conducted a preliminary inquiry, the horse was posthumously disqualified from the race and bets were returned to punters. The preliminary inquiry noted: “It appeared that the horse was not run fairly.”

Dwyer released a statement through the Professional Jockeys Association that said: “Whilst I categorically deny the allegation made against me by the stewards of the Royal West India Turf Club that I did not allow Ice Age to race on her merits, I welcome the decision of director general of police Raj Khilnani to involve himself in proceedings and that he will be in attendance at the hearing.”

He further noted that he was sure he would be exoneration of any wrongdoing in the race, and noted that he was entirely innocent of the alleged issues. He also said that it was clear to see this in the video of the race.

It does seem that the horse had some medical problems, however, there was another issue of Ice Age drifting towards the rail and bumping into the horse who ended up as the runner-up in the race, Always Smiling.

The results of the final hearing have come in, and Dwyer has been given a two-month ban in India. By the Indian horseracing stewards. Dwyer is considering an appeal, and noted that he is in a state of shock that this was the final ruling.