Indian Need To Lead The Charge Against Match Fixing

It’s no secret that the BCCI (The Board of Control for Cricket in India) is the richest board in the world and the sub-continent is the place where most of the bookies operate from. Former ICC president Ehsan Mani has said that if match fixing is to be curbed on an international basis, then India must lead from the front.

In a statement, Mani said – They (ICC) don’t have the authority to set up the sting operations in any country so the responsibility (should be) laid on the individual boards to follow up. The problem is the illegal bookies in the subcontinent, most of them are from India and some are in Pakistan. They work in a grey area where there is no control and monitoring,”

There are currently only two ways to curb this menace that is threatening to destroy the beauty of the game. Cricket betting needs to be made legal or every board needs to come up with an action plan along of how to address and curb match fixing in their respective country.

Both options are difficult ones, as there are numerous challenges that arise. To continuously chase down match fixers and monitor players at all times, is an arduous task to say the least; for there will always be loopholes. On the other hand, trying to make cricket betting legal in a country like India, will require a number of government approvals and the sway of the cricket public at large.

One thing is clear, both the ICC and the boards from the cricketing nations need to come up with a solution quickly before the disease spreads and corrupts international cricket.