Indian Premier League 2017 Match Awards

There are a number of match awards offered in this year’s Indian Premier League.

In the League Matches, the Man of the Match will receive a trophy and prize money amounting to Rs 1 Lakh. The winner is chosen by the television commentators for each match. The player who earns the title of Man of the Match is usually an obvious choice. The prize money is presented by the franchise owner or sponsor.

In the Playoffs, the Man of the Match also receives a trophy and a cash prize. The prize is much bigger than in the League Matches, and is set at Rs 5 Lakh per match. The BCCI awards the cheque and the trophy to the winner, who is chosen by the television commentary team.

The Maximum Sixes prize is awarded by YES Bank. This award is a cheque for Rs 1 Lakh and a trophy for the player that has hit the highest number of sixes during each IPL match.

The Perfect Catch of the Match is for the player that has been voted to have taken the best catch according to the television commentators. The winner will receive a trophy, a VIVO phone, and Rs 1 Lakh of prize money.

Orange and Purple Caps

While the Orange Cap and Purple Cap do not come with monetary prizes, there is much prestige and honour associated with the caps.

The Purple Cap is given to the bowler who has taken the most wickets in the IPL during this season so far. The hat is awarded once all teams have played at least once, and will be passed to another player to wear while fielding if another bowler has taken a higher number of wickets.

The Orange Cap is awarded to the batsman who has made the most runs in this season’s IPL to date. The cap is passed to another player if their run total exceeds that of the previous wearer.