International Cricket Council Makes Changes

The International Cricket Council has announced a number of important changes. David Richardson, the ICC Chief Executive Officer, spoke about some of the changes at a press conference that took place in Kolkata on Thursday, 26th April 2018.

T20I Status for All ICC Members

One of the biggest changes is that all 104 ICC member national will receive T20 International status.

Richardson explained: “All women’s team matches will be awarded T20 International status on 1st July 2018. All the men’s team matches will be given T20 International status on 1st January 2019.”

At this time, only 18 member nations have T20 International status, which is made up of 12 full members and six other nations.

Champions Trophy Format Change

There has been some concern about the future of the Champions Trophy. The format of the Champions Trophy will be changed to T20 Internationals.

Richardson noted that ultimately, there would be 12 Test teams, between 30 and 40 countries that play the One Day International cricket format. All the other countries focus on the T20 format.

He said: “I think the global events that take place should be reflective of that balance. Plus, of course, the 50-over World Cup will continue to be one of our huge events. We certainly don’t want to take away from that event.”

Richardson further noted that the Champions Trophy and World Cup had been far too similar to each other.

India and Pakistan Bilateral Series

The ICC CEO said that India and Pakistan have a complicated issue. Richardson explained that it will take more time to resolve this. It was noted that between 2019 and 2021, India and Pakistan would not be playing each other in the ICC Test championship schedule at this time.

Richardson said that the dispute between the BCCI and PCB is set to be resolved in October 2018.