IOC Has Extended Deadline for Amended Constitution

The Indian Olympic Association was given a deadline by the International Olympic Committee to adopt an amended constitution. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had proposed a number of amendments to the IOA constitution, and had forwarded these to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The reason that the amended constitution is important is in order to help India one again join the world sporting body.

The IOC had originally set a deadline of 15th July 2013, by which the IOA needed to come up with an amended constitution, however, the IOC did not send the IOA a timely response, causing delays for its own deadline. Since the IOC has not responded on time, there is little reason for the IOA to meet on 11th July as had been the plan, in order to discuss feedback from the IOC.

It had been hoped that the constitution could be finalized ahead of elections that would take place on 1st September. However, the IOC has noted that due to the complexity of the issues, it will be unable to respond on time.

In a letter from Christophe De Kepper, the Ineternational Olympic Committee Director General, which was sent to Jitendra Singh, India’s Sport Minister, it read as follows: “I would like to inform you that, given the complexity of the issues which have to be addressed (including good governance and ethics), the IOC needs more time to coordinate all comments internally.”

The letter continued: “The IOC will, therefore, not be able to meet the deadline initially established (15 July) for the first Extraordinary General Assembly of the suspended IOA to take place.”

The letter notes that the deadline needs to be extended, yet does not give an indication of a date by which the IOC will send its response. It does note that the deadline “will have to be slightly extended until the IOC can compile and send all necessary comments for the new IOA constitution.”