IPL Betting Racket Arrests

India Illegal Gambling 2Betting on the Indian Premier League cricket is illegal in India, and the police are being particularly vigilant this year. After last year’s IPL 6 betting and spot fixing scandals, police would like to put a stop to potential problems as soon as possible.

The Delhi police busted three people who were operating IPL betting. The arrests were made after the police received a tip off that wagering was taking place on the Royal Challengers Bangalore and td the Kolkata Knight Riders game. The arrests were made in Central Delhi, in the Turkman Gate area. The three who were arrested are all residents of Turkman Gate.

Alok Kumar, the Additional Commissioner of Police in Central Delhi, explained that the police had “busted a betting racket while taking bets on Kokata Knight Riders – Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket match on April 24, 2014 in IPL.”

Additional Commissioner Kumar further noted: “One television, one set top box, two mobile phones, Rs 2,799 cash, one diary and other articles have been recovered from their possession which were used in the commission of the crime.”

After the police had been tipped off about the betting operation, a plan was put into action. The plan had a decoy go to the betting location and place a bet on the game in question. The decoy went to the location in Turkman Gate, and managed to place the bet. After this, the police were informed that the operation was in fact an illegal betting operation. Once this was confirmed, the police went ahead with raiding the flat in which the betting operators were running their illegal betting. The premises were raided by the police and three people were arrested, and the betting equipment was seized by the police. There is still another man who escaped, and the police are trying to locate him.