IPL Spot Fixing Arrests Now Total 18

By Dhanu Delphi on July 11, 2013

There have been a number of arrests of those that have been involved in the IPL 6 spot fixing case. At the end of last week the bookie, Shobhan Mehta, known as Kalachowki, was arrested. At the beginning of this week, there was yet another arrest, this time of a stockbroker, Rakesh Kumar Gangwal.

The bookie, Mehta, had left India straight after the IPL spot fixing case hit the news. It seems that Mehta went to Bangkok and then also to Singapore with his family. On 22nd June, Mehta re-entered India, landing in Mumbai, but instead of returning to his home, he headed for Goa. It seems that in the hopes of avoiding arrest, he spent his days aboard Goan casino ships, and then would return to his hotel late at night.

He was, however, unable to avoid being arrested, and became the 17th arrest in the IPL 6 spot fixing betting scandal.

Shortly after the Mehta arrest, the stockbroker, Gangwal, was also arrested. He has allegedly been linked to bookies based outside of India in both Dubai and Pakistan. He has allegedly accepted bets from bookies in those countries and he had 30 telephone lines that were directly connected to Pakistan. It seems that Gangwal was operating five of those phone lines. The Jaipur resident was arrested after a tip-off and was then taken to Mumbai.

Not only was Mehta on the run, so was Gangwal. Police had attempted to arrest Gangwal in June, however, he was not to be found in his home. Since that time, he has returned home only infrequently and for short time-periods each time.

According to the police, Gangwal and Mehta have been linked together in this betting scandal.