Journalist Attacked Because of Filing Gambling Complaint

Earlier this week, a journalist had lodged a complaint with the police about illegal gambling that was taking place at a religious venue that was located in a rented house in Hansapuri.

The police did pay attention to this report and raided the place immediately. The police did manage to seize a number of items, however, they did not manage to catch any of the culprits, since they had somehow managed to flee the area.

While one may think that the journalist, Mukhtar Shaikh, would no longer have anything to do with this issue, that was not the case. Shaikh runs a small weekly newspaper, and when he was on his way to Golibar Square, he was attacked by five or six youths who tried to stop him and beat him when he was riding on his bike.

He managed to escape from the youths and took shelter at an office he came to nearby. Shaikh said: “They surrounded me and were about to hit with hockey sticks. I drove my bike in the lanes to confuse the attackers and hid at Punekar’s office.”

While at Ramesh Punekar’s office, he said that he had tried to call the police control room, but was unable to get through for almost ten minutes. When he felt that he was out of danger, he rushed to the Tehsil police station where he explained what had just taken place.

Shaikh noted: “Initially, they were rude with me. When told that I am a journalist from a small newspaper, they behaved better but still refused to register my complaint.”

The 42-year-old Shaikh said that somehow the gamblers had obviously come to know that it was him who had gone to the police to register the complaint against them, and that they had attacked him. While Shaikh was given medical aid and promises that the case would be registered after a preliminary investigation was done, it does not seem that the case was in fact registered.