Key Issues BCCI President Ganguly Must Address Immediately

By Dhanu Delphi on December 2, 2019

Over a billion people in India believe there is no better man than ex-captain Sourav Ganguly to lead BCCI. He certainly brings a unique perspective to the role. Not only does he have extensive experience playing for India, but he was also one of the best captains.

Ganguly knows exactly what problems Indian cricketers face, what needs to change at the grassroots to make cricket in India better and what the BCCI needs to do ensure that India goes from strength to strength. However, he does not have much time to change things. When he was elected, he was given a tenure of just 10 months.

Much To Do For Sourav Ganguly, Very Little Time

The Bengal tiger is known to be a straight talker. When he assumed the post, Sourav Ganguly admitted that BCCI has gone backwards in recent years. He added that there was a lot that needed to be undone and redone to take Indian cricket forward. One of the key things that the BCCI is looking to accomplish before 2020 is to overturn the Lodha reforms.

The current panel has proposed key recommendations. Later this month, the BCCI members will cast their vote in favour of or against these recommendations. It is highly likely that the members will back the new changes. It would mean that the BCCI will have to focus on making those changes and implementing them. All of this has to do with policies and bureaucracy which will consume a lot of Ganguly’s time. There is also a chance that his term could be extended if some of the changes are implemented.

However, Ganguly needs to ensure that he does not get submerged in these politics and ends up focusing only on the Lodha reforms. There are other things that need his attention.

End State Sponsored T20 Leagues

There is no doubt that Indians love T20. One just has to look at the amount of Twenty20 cricket in state-sponsored leagues. However, the likes of Karnataka Premier League (KPL) and Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) have done more harm. The respective leagues have been tainted by corruption.

Both the KPL and the TNPL have made headlines as players involved in these leagues were approached by bookies to fix games and yet noone reported them. Players in the KPL have also taken bribes to fix games and have tarnished the reputation of cricket in India. There are over 30 state players who are currently under investigation.

Sourav Ganguly needs to pay urgent attention to this before it spreads further!

Address Selection Fraud Allegations   

For years, many players have alleged that there is selection fraud within state associations. Certain players, they say, get preferences due to their connections with higher officials. Ambati Rayudu has once again accused his state (Hyderabad) of selection fraud. He said that corrupt people are taking money to push certain candidates.

There are reports that selection fraud goes right down to U16 cricket. Parents, it seems, are paying selectors to pick their children. Reports suggest there is a rate card for payment which ensures a player gets picked for x amount of years. Ganguly needs to address this immediately and set up an establishment where such concerns can be reported.

Sourav Ganguly must address these two issues before his tenure as BCCI President is over as there is no better man to put an end to these two controversial issues!