Kohli and Kumble Clash Over Coaching Method

India’s cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, and the team’s head coach, Anil Kumble, have had differences of opinion for some time now. Kohli has expressed his displeasure about the way the team is coached, and has expressed his lack of confidence in Kumble.

With the start of the Champions Trophy, this is not the best timing for the situation to have reached a head. India is getting ready to play their first match in the Champions Trophy against Pakistan in a few days. Kumble’s one-year contract to coach the team ends with the end of the Champions Trophy.

Kohli has described Kumble’s coaching method as “intimidating”, and that he acts as if he’s a headmaster in a school rather than a cricket team coach. Kumble has been known to play through injuries, and once bowled 14 consecutive overs with a broken jaw, after which he flew home for surgery. He appears to try and have his players play through minor injuries, which does not make the team happy.

On the day that the team left for England for the Champions Trophy, an advertisement for the post of the Indian cricket team coach was posted. Applications for coach close on the same day as the tournament opener.

Last week, Kohli commented on the BCCI advertising the position: “The process has been followed every single time in a similar way in Indian cricket for the past so many years is what I know. Even the last time the post was up for a change, the same procedure was applied. With the term being one year, the procedure is followed in the same manner. I don’t see anything very different from what has happened in the past.”

Kohli also noted that while the Indian team has had success under Kumble’s coaching, it is not Kumble that has achieved the results.

Kohli said: “When you have results come your way, the contribution is from every part of the team. It is not from a single source to say the least. Everyone works hard equally if not more than the other person.”

At this time, Kumble has not publicly commented on the situation.