Kohli: Cricket Tours Are too Cramped

By Dhanu Delphi on November 30, 2017

The Indian cricket team has had a somewhat busy schedule with a number of tests quite close together. Soon after the current tour against Sri Lanka is over, the Indian squad heads off to South Africa for yet another series.

Kohli Objects to Scheduling

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team’s captain, spoke about the vey cramped schedule. He explained that the schedule has not given the team enough time to adequately prepare for some of the away tours that are on the schedule.

Kohli went on to note that the team is not given a choice, and is often in a “game situation.” This means that the team has to find other ways to prepare for upcoming tours. He noted that it would be best to give the team adequate time to prepare in the future.

The Indian team has just completed the second Test in its home series against Sri Lanka. Kohli expressed his displeasure with the current state of events in a pre-match conference.

He said: “Unfortunately we get only two days before we fly to South Africa after this series is over. So we have no choice but to try to be in a game situation and think of what’s coming ahead of us.”

The skipper further added: “Had we got a month off ideally, we would have done a proper preparation camp scenario. But we have to sort of make do with what we have.”

The 2017 International Cricket Stats

Sri Lanka has played the most international cricket matches at 51, playing for a total of 92 days. India is close behind with 48 international matches, playing for 87 days.

Next in line is South Africans who have played 41 international matches for a period of 80 days. England played 38 matches over 69 days.
Pakistan and the West Indies cricket teams have each played 37 international matches. New Zealand has played 36 this year, and Australia has played 34.

“As usual cramped for time,” said Kohli, “which I think we need to assess in the future.”