Kohli Prioritises ODI Over New Coach

While the Indian men’s cricket team is currently playing a One Day International series against the West Indies, journalists may be more focused on who the next head coach will be, and what Virat Kohli’s opinion of the situation is. Anil Kumble has stepped down, and it is still unclear who will be replacing him. Applications to take over the role of head coach need to be in by 9th July 2017.

Kohli, the skipper of the Indian team has been asked to comment on Kumble’s Tweet that noted that a partnership with Kohli was ‘untenable.’

Kohli kept his opinions to himself, and responded: “From a personal point of view, I can’t pinpoint anything or give any details. We as a team only voice our opinion when asked by the BCCI.”

At the same pre-match conference, he was then asked for the team’s opinion on who should be the head coach. Kohli kept his cool, but it was clear that he was not going to be pushed into sharing his personal opinion.

He noted: “This is a process we always go through and something we respect as a team. It’s something that is asked to the team and not in segregation. The same procedure, as and when it takes place, we will give our suggestions to the BCCI.”

Kohli Returns Focus to ODI Against West Indies

The journalists continued to push Kohli to give his opinion, and he held fast, and noted that the team would give an opinion as a unit and in the appropriate forum.

He further noted: “Right now, we have a series at hand, and this is what we are focused on. The process I taking place and that is something which is in the control of the BCCI. We are not focused on anything else at the moment. Our priority is coming here and winning the series and preparing for the game that lies ahead of us.”

ODI 3 Update

India has completed batting with a result of 251/4 in 50 overs. The West Indies have yet to bat.