Large Number of Illegal Gambling Arrests this Month

Indian - handcuffs - openThere were 28 people that were arrested in the Itwari area of Nagpur for allegedly indulging in illegal gambling. Included in those who were arrested was a BJP corporator, social workers and traders.

Abhinash Kumar, a deputy police commissioner, led the police team that carried out the raid in the Itwari area of the city. When the raid on those who were gambling was carried out, police seized a number of items including Rs 7.81 lakh in cash, and 27 mobile telephones. The venue in which the gambling was taking place belongs to Ashok Bavaji. Bavaji, an alleged criminal, managed to get away during the raid.

All those who had been arrested were released on bail soon afterwards. According to the police report, Ramesh Punekar (BJP) has been held recently from his participation in gambling at another gambling den.

A few days ago in Ahmedabad, the Vastrapur police detained 11 people that were held for gambling. In addition to seizing Rs 18.2 lakh, there were also three cars that were seized. Police received information regarding illegal activities and the illegal possession of liquor. Upon raiding the residence in Regency Tower, police came across those that were gambling with cards.

A senior city police spokesperson said: “One can provide information on illegal activities to the city police control room as gambling often creates other nuisances. The city reports a sudden spike in occasional players around Janmashtami where last year more than 20 cases were reported in the city.”

Near the beginning of the month, there had been yet another gambling bust that took place in Waghodia Road, Vadodara. In this gambling bust, there were five people arrested. The gambling was taking place at a restaurant. Included in items that were seized were Rs 25 lakh in cash, seven mobile phones, two luxury cars and two motor bikes.