Largest Casino Resort in India Set to Open Next Year

India will soon have its largest casino resort, which will be located in Daman, which is near Mumbai. Being near Mumbai, the casino resort is located near a large number of cities which are within a reasonable distance.

The new casino resort will cover 10 acres of land, and the gamine space will cover 60,000 square feet. It has been predicted that this sprawling integrated casino resort will open its doors in the early part of 2014. The Delta Corp hotel has 187 rooms that will be available to guests.

Delta Corp already had a large stake in the Goa offshore casinos. The company owns three of the offshore casino vessels, and the Daman will be the company’s first land based casino.

Jaydev Modi, the Delta Corp Limited Chairman, explained that the Daman hotel is already ready and will soon be able to open its doors to the public. Not only is this casino to be the largest one in India, it is also the first one in Daman. Modi explained that as soon as all the final formalities are dispensed with, the online casino can be opened.

Delta Corp Limited is also looking to open casinos in Modi said: “We have already acquired property for the casino resort in Sri Lanka and the company is exploring the emerging Sri Lankan gaming market which is poised for rapid growth.”

Since 2009, which marked the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, Sri Lanka has already under seen a lot of growth in its tourism trade. In the past two years, tourist arrivals in the country was increased each and every month. Included in those who visit Sri Lanka as tourists, is a large percentage of Indian tourists, making up roughly 28 percent of the total number of the tourists that travel to Sri Lanka are Indian.