Las Vegas Sands Corporation has Eye on Indian Market

The Las Vegas Sands Corp has expressed interest in building an integrated resort in India. The Las Vegas Sands Corp Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board, Sheldon G Adelson, said in a press conference that they are definitely interested in choosing India as a possible destination. He added that if it was up to him it would have happened by now but it is Indian government officials who are stalling the plans.

This is in fact not the first time that Las Vegas Sands Corp has tried to build a casino and holiday resort in India. Adelson had talks with the Dehli Ministry of Tourism 5 years ago and asked permission to build an integrated resort. The Ministry in return told him that he would have to speak to each state and ask them if they would allow it. He spoke to several officials about his casino plans but none of them got back to him.

Adelson is only too aware of what a big casino resort can mean for India’s economy. He says he wants to build India’s own little Las Vegas and that this will hugely increase inbound tourism which in turn will bring extra revenue which is needed by the locals and government to create jobs and improve local infrastructure. Las Vegas Sands has already built a resort in Singapore and Adelson is quick to point out that even though Singapore is much smaller with fewer residents, it now attracts twelve million tourists a year, whereas India has more than one billion locals but only 6 million inbound tourists.

The corporation also has its eye on building resorts in Spain and is talking to the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Taiwanese governments for permission to build these large and lucrative holiday and gambling destinations. If India wants to compete with these countries in terms of tourism, they should perhaps take another look at Las Vegas Sands Corp’s proposal.