Laws Being Drafted to Keep Goans Out of Casinos

gambling in goaIn 2012, the Goa state government amended its gambling act in order to keep Goans out of the many land-based and offshore casinos that are available. The change in policy came after there had been a number of complaints that many Goan families had been negatively affected by gambling debt.

It has taken some time to move the process along. The draft rules have finally been drawn up and will be sent to government officials in order to have them approved and fine-tuned.

In addition to keeping Goans out of the casinos, the rules have also been designed to ensure that those who are under the age of 21 will be kept out of the casinos.

The responsibility to carry out these new rules falls on the gaming commissioner. The draft rules detail the procedure in which the commissioner should be appointed, and outline the qualifications needed for this role.

Once the commissioner is chosen, there will be agents appointed who will be tasked with the job of issuing permits to those who can be legally authorized to enter any gaming areas of the casinos. Those who wish to be granted permits will need to bring documentation to prove their identities. Documents that can be used include the PAN card, aadhaar card, and a license.

In addition to issuing permits to ensure that casinos stick to the guidelines by which Goans and under 21s are excluded, there will also be raids that take place randomly at the casinos. While Goans who work in the casinos will not be affected, any other Goans found gambling, and any underage gamblers, will be arrested.

It has been three years since the government amended the gambling act, the law has not yet come into effect. It is likely that the proposed rules will be approved by the government.