Laxmikant Parsekar Compares Offshore Casinos to Pregnant Women

India - Goa Offshore CasinoThere has been an outcry over Goa’s Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar’s comments regarding the Goa offshore casinos. Laxmikant Parsekar has been accused of insulting women with his comments stating that dealing with the offshore casinos that are operating from the Mandovi River is like taking care of another person’s child.

Parsekar said: “[If] someone had said I was compelled to marry a pregnant woman. What to do? So, Naturally, I am forced to take care of her children.”

The Chief Minister also said that the current problems with the offshore casinos on the Mandovi River are a result of the UPA government’s mess, rather than the BJP government’s.

Parsekar was referring to the problems regarding the relocation of the Goa offshore casinos. He came into power when the casinos were already operating from the Mandovi River. The 31st March deadline for relocation of the casino vessels has come and gone, and no new location has been found.

Parsekar explained: “We are trying our level best to shift the casino vessels out of Mandovi. Even while giving an extension by one year. We have said one year or till we find an alternate place, whichever is earlier.”

The Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress have said that they want both an apology and for Parsekar to resign because he insulted women with his comparison.

Pratima Coutinho, a spokesperson for the GPMC, said that he simply lacks basic respect and sensitivity for women. She said: “Didn’t the CM get any other example? How can gambling business, like casinos, be compared to being a mother. The statement is humiliating and not fit from a person holding [this] coveted post.”

After four other locations for the offshore floating casinos were suggested, investigated, and then rejected, it is unclear where the vessels could be moved to. All the suggested relocation areas either met with local opposition or were rejected because they physical location could not be used for the casino vessels.