Updated: January 31, 2019
Author: SportsBetting Team

Legal Horse Racing Betting In India

Horse racing has always been immensely popular in India, just like it is in UK or USA. India is, therefore, home to a number of horse racing events and many horse betting enthusiasts who view and place bets on their favorite horses at licensed raceways. Learn more about partaking in legal horse racing betting in India.

Indian Horse Racing Legality

indian horse racingThe Supreme Court of India ruled in 1996 that horse betting is not just luck-based, but also skill-based, owing to which it is not illegal gambling according to the 1888 Police Act or the Gaming Act of 1930. This made horse racing and betting immensely popular in India.

India is today home to 9 racecourses managed by the Turf Authorities of India, a regulatory body that organizes a number of horse racing events and manages trackside bookmakers and pari-mutuel betting booths.

Since the Indian horse racing industry is strictly regulated, online bookmakers generally do not offer betting options on Indian horse racing events. Even Sikkim, which issues online gaming licenses hasn’t issued any license for horse betting as yet. However, www.racebets.com does offer bets for races held in Mumbai, Hyderbad and other Indian race tracks as well as international races.

If depositing with Indian Rupees is important to you, we recommend Betway. They are a top online bookmaker. While they do not offer bets for Indian races, they do offer many betting options for International events held in the UK, Ireland, US and more.

Online Horse Betting in India

Offshore online betting sites offer many markets for Indian horse betting enthusiasts. This means that Indian punters can place bets on exciting horse racing events worldwide, such as the Kentucky Derby of America, St. Leger Stakes of England, Japan Cup, and many more.

Online bookmakers such as www.Betway.com have made it very easy for Indian horse betting enthusiasts to place bets on internationally acclaimed horse racing events. Indian bettors can deposit and withdraw in Indian Rupees (INR) using a wide range of safe and secure banking options such as Neteller, Moneybookers, wire transfer, checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

The above-mentioned sites have sections titled Racebook, which give access to a wide range of horse betting markets. Besides placing bets on horse racing events online, Indian bettors can also gain plenty of knowledge regarding horse breeding, jockeys, previous performance, trainers, and other valuable information required to bet wisely. Bettors can also view the horse racing action through live video streaming at these online bookmaker sites.

Another option on online horse betting is virtual racing, which includes placing bets on simulated racing events, which try to replicate the excitement of live race events. Horse races are run almost all day and every day, giving plenty of betting opportunities to horse racing enthusiasts. This is not our favorite way to bet horses, but the option is available to those who want to experience the thrill of betting on races when no live races are available.

Indian Live Betting

As previously mentioned, it is not possible for punters to bet online for Indian horse races; but there is nothing to stop them from enjoying the legal live betting in their country. Indian bettors can place bets on Tote or with trackside and off-course bookmakers.

Here are the different types of horse bets in India:

In India, horse betting enthusiasts have the option to bet in Tote or place bets with a bookmaker. If bettors choose to bet in Tote, their bets will be added to a pool comprising all the bets placed on a particular race. The fees and taxes are them removed from the pool and the rest of the money is divided among bettors who win their bets. The winnings, therefore, depend on how many people placed that particular wager. Every racecourse in India has Tote betting booths, enabling bettors to bet in Tote. Tote wagers can also be placed at betting booths off-course; in fact, Indian bettors can place bets at these booths as and when they are watching the live action on TV.

Winning Real Money at Offshore Racebooks

Indian bettors who want to place bets on international horse racing markets should first register a real play account at any racebook such www.betway.com. They then have to make deposits using credit cards, debit cards, checks, or wire transfer. If they are averse to revealing their financial details, they can use alternative payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal, all three of which are highly reputed, quick, reliable, safe, and secure and permit bettors to place bets in financial anonymity.

Indian bettors can also withdraw their winnings to their eWallet accounts and, from there, to their bank accounts in rupees.