In-Play and Live Betting Using the Internet

There are many reasons sports betting on the internet is more ideal than using a live bookie. The primary reason relates to Indian gambling laws which state gambling debts are unenforceable, meaning if a bookie doesn’t pay you there is no recourse. When betting online however, you can use UK licensed bookmakers that are fully legal under European and International law. These sites are heavily regulated and the proper channels exist to quickly mitigate player/bookmaker disputes. Outside the legal issues, internet bookmakers offer far more markets than bookies do. One of the many features you’ll find online that you won’t find locally is Live Betting.

Live Cricket Betting

Bet365 is one of the many online betting sites offering in-play wagering on cricket. Here you can watch cricket matches live right on their website. During the match the odds change and you’re able to make wagers on the adjusted odds, this is called “In-Play wagering”. In addition to betting on the team you feel will win you can bet on virtually all other aspect of the match. When a batsman steps up the crease you can make wagers on over/under the runs scored by that player. As each ball is bowled you can speculate the runs scored on it. You can bet on how many wickets will be lost before a number of runs are scored and much more. For details refer to either or our page on live cricket betting.

Best Live Betting Sites

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Min Deposit ₹200

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Min Deposit ₹350

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₹10,000 Bonus

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₹10,000 Bonus -

₹15,000 Bonus

Min Deposit ₹1000

Payout 24 hrs

Rating: 3.9/5

₹15,000 Bonus -

Restrictions for all offers may apply, see terms and conditions for details. Must be 18 years or older. Gamble responsibly.

Editor’s Notes

Bet365 is the best overall site for live betting. They have a huge selection of sports to bet offer great deposit and currency options for Indian customers. Bet365 is our favourite site for IPL betting

Live Betting at Bet365

Bet365 is our favourite betting site offering in-play for several reasons. First, they offer some of the best deposit and currency options for Indian customers, additionally, their live betting offerings are also second to none.

On the Bet365 website, once logged in, simply click the link on the top menu called “In-Play”. This is will bring you to a page where dozens of games in progress can be wagered on. The ones on the left side menu with a TV icon indicate the game is being streamed live (deposit or bet may be required, visit Bet365 website for terms and conditions) on the Bet365 website. There are other games available for live betting that are not streamed but wagers can still be made on them. As a general rule of thumb, if a match in any sport match is covered on National TV of any country, Bet365 accepts in-play wagers on it.

A great thing about live betting is you don’t need to be an expert of the sport to have fun wagering on it. I’ve become well versed and familiar with many different sports I never would have considered wagering had Bet365’s in-play coverage not helped me become a fan. One example is AVC Woman’s Volleyball. What I learned here is most matches have a strong favourite – but excellent value can still be found. For betting the underdog: wagering on a specific point (such as 24th point of the match) can have great value. When betting the favourite in lopsided matches, look at the race to 5. When a teams such as Taipei Chinese Woman face the Iran Woman, Taipei is always going to be heavily favoured in the complete match to the tune of 1.04 odds (win .04 rupees for each rupee staked). For the race to 5 points however, odds around 1.72 can be found. Although there are more upsets on races to 5, this option provides a chance to bet the dominant team and still get a decent payout when they win.

No matter what sport you’re a fan of Bet365 has you covered with great in-play wagering options. While In-Play is also offered at other sites, their coverage is quite similar to Bet365. Since other sites don’t accept INR, you’ll get charged considerable currency conversion fees. With Bet365 offering wagers in rupee this problem doesn’t exist making them the more logical choice.

Live Betting Strategy

Most live betting strategy comes from gaining a feel for markets, which is something that comes with practice over time. As I mentioned, I love to wager on Woman’s Volleyball, especially AVC and other International competitions where there are many lopsided matches. Here I learned that heavy dogs generally have lots of value on a point by point basis, where heavy favourites have great value on races to five. Now this is something that’s taking place currently, in the future that might change, and I’ll need to gain a new feel for the market and adjust my strategy appropriately. If you’re a fan of a sport and you watch the odds along with the matches, you’ll very likely start to gain a good feel for the market.

While there are many strategies that can be used to make live betting profitable, this is also a great source of entertainment. For anyone new to live in-play betting I suggest starting with If after gaining some experience you feel you have a winning strategy down pat, consider using other sites.

Lay the Draw. As far as actual strategy goes – most of the In-Play strategy you’ll find discussed on betting forums involves live trading. One popular live trading system is to lay the draw in football. Basically you start with making a lay wager on the draw, which is making a bet the draw will not occur. As soon there is a score in the game you then back the draw at better odds for a guaranteed profit. For more details on this refer to the lower section of my article on football betting, but it can be applied to other sports as well.

Slow Starters. Another strategy is to find teams that are generally heavy favourites, but tend to get off to slow starts. If you can spot frequent situations like this there are two things you can do. The first is if you like the team to win the match and would have bet them regardless, you can standby, watch the match, and wait for it to progress a little in hope the odds get better. The second situation is for times you don’t want to actually bet the favourite, you only want to benefit from your expectation that they’ll start off slow. In this case, lay themand once they do get off to a slow start back them for a guaranteed profit.

Avoid Tilting. As a final tip, live betting can be tilt inducing as the number of wagering options for a match is many and streaks due to happen. Losing your entire account balance chasing losses on some single match is foolish; it’s even more foolish when it’s a sport you don’t even follow. For this reason be 100% sure to set limits, and keep your emotions intact. As long as you do this live betting is a lot of fun, can be profitable, and we wish you the best of luck.