Lottery Enforcement Wing in Bengaluru May be Dissolved

illegal betting moneyThere has been a move made to disband the Excise Enforcement and Lottery Prohibition Wing in Bengaluru, and have it join forces with the regular police units. In arguing that this is the best step to take, the Home Minister, K J George, said that this would help to deal with the illegal lottery operations that take place.

The Opposition JD(S) leader, H D Kumaraswamy, has alleged that a number of IPS officers have been involved in the illegal lottery operations. George responded that should Kumaraswamy have any information regarding the illegal lottery gang, he should make sure to share it with the officers that are heading up the CID inquiry.

Kumaraswamy also alleged that George had been one of those involved in the lottery business. George challenged the opposition leader to prove these serious allegations.

To date, one person has been arrested by the CID. It has been claimed that the individual arrested is the kingpin behind the illegal lottery operations. However, allegations have been made that the police have been working alongside those running the illegal lotteries.

George said: “The CID has been directed to submit an interim report into the alleged lottery operations, which have been banned in the state.”

George commented on why the Excise Enforcement and Lottery Prohibition Wing should be dissolved, noting: “Previously, the wing had been functioning with skeletal staff and was ineffective in containing the menace. If power to curb illegal lottery activities are delegated to the regular police, it can be handled effectively.”

He further explained that in addition to giving the deputy commissioners of police additional power to deal with the issues, there would also be an inspector at each police station, and “the superintendent of police at the district level will also be equipped with a squad to crack down on illegal lottery operations.”