Man Fined Rs 500 for Gambling After 12 Years

After 12 years, there was a recent development and resolution to a gambling case that has been in the Delhi courts for some time. 12 years ago, there were illegal gambling charges brought against a man, who has finally been convicted of the charges.

Although the man has finally been convicted of the charges and fined, this only happened after the man, Anwar Malik, who is a resident of Delhi, decided to plead guilty. He plead guilty of the charges that had been leveled against him, and was then fined Rs 500 by Metropolitan Magistrate Arvind Bansal in the Delhi court.

Metropolitan Magistrate Arvind Bansal said the following: “On October 17, when the matter was listed for further prosecution evidence, accused Anwar Malik submitted that he wants to plead guilty for the offence with which he had been charged.”

The judge further noted: “In view of the plea of guilt of the accused Anwar Malik for the offence punishable under the sections 12, 9, 55 of the Gambling Act, he stands convicted for the said offence. The convict is sentenced to pay fine of Rs 500.”

Although, up until the time that Malik decided to plead guilty, he had denied all charges of illegal gambling against him.

The prosecution, however, had claimed that Anwar Malik was found to be gambling illegally in the Hauz Qazi area, and was then arrested on 4th November 2000.

Although he was arrested for the illegal gambling charge in the year 2000, it still took another few years before any actual charges were made against him. On 29th May 2004, Anwar Malik was charged for illegal gambling under the Gambling Act.

It is not clear why the accused entered a guilty plea after all this time.