Man Goes Free After Gambling Case Dismissed

Eleven years ago, a man was accused of being a facilitator for illegal gambling in New Delhi, in a 5 star hotel room. After all these years, the case was discharged by the court because it concluded that there was a lack of evidence to convict the accused.

The charges against Gupreet Singh were dropped by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Gautam Manan. It seems that the charge sheet showed no evidence that the accused party was in the hotel room near Parliament Street 11 years ago, at the time that the alleged illegal gambling activities took place.

The prosecution noted that at the time of the raid, in September 2001, there were 18 people that the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police apprehended. During the raid, police found Indian currency, mobile phones, a pager, and playing cards.

Although Singh had not been in the room, one of the others who were accused stated that Singh had helped to facilitate the gambling activities since he was instrumental in arranging to have the hotel room booked. It seems that all those who were accused, except Singh, have admitted their guilt. Not only was Singh not there when the raid took place, it seems that there is also no evidence that shows that he had anything to do with booking the hotel room.

The court said: “…nor it is case of the prosecution that he (Singh) was present in the room where gambling activities were going on thus it is evident that he had no direct involvement.”

The court further noted that not only was the room booked under a different name, and not that of Gupreet Singh, there was no evidence that he booked the room.

“No entries in the hotel room are in the handwriting of Singh nor his name appears anywhere,” said the court.

The decision of the court stated: “…Accordingly, accused Gurpreet Singh stands discharged from the present case.”