Mandovi River May Soon Have Six Offshore Casinos

Goa Offshore CasinoThere are currently five offshore casinos in Goa. Although there has been much discussion about moving the offshore casinos on the Mandovi River, it may soon have a sixth floating casino added to its numbers.

The sixth casino would be operated by the Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited. Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited is a subsidiary of the MDLR group. In 2006, the casino had been given granted a license with permission to operate on the Mandovi.

Discussions as to whether the casino can be launched on the river have taken place for some time. Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited was informed that it would have to pay lapsed annual fees from 2011 until 2016. Along with the basic fees, the company would need to pay 12% interest. The total amount that would be owed to the state government would reach more than Rs 46 crore, and possibly even more than Rs 50 crore.

At the same time, the company would apply to renew its offshore casino license. It was clear that the state government would look at the application favorably, however, the back fees would have to be paid first. After this, a final decision would be made.

Rohan Kashar, the Home Deaprtment Under Secretary has now noted that Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited has deposited the fees with interest along with 20 lakh that is to be used for a security deposit.

Kashar explained: “GGHPL has applied for renewal of their offshore casino license and the file will be put up for the government to take a decision.”

The offshore casino company has also been asked to gather various paperwork showing that it has obtained permission from various bodies to begin operations. This includes permission from the Captain of Ports, the Goa State Pollution Control Board, and other entities.

Although no official confirmation has been announced, an official from the offshore casino company said that there are plans to begin operations after Diwali.