Match Fixers Target English County Cricket

The amounts being splurged in order to fix international matches that are officially recognized by the ICC are enormous. A batsman can earn up to £44,000 if he scores at a slow pace while a bowler can get up to £50,000 if he does not keep things tight at his end.

Match fixing by sub-continent bookies and players are rampant and some of the biggest names in cricket have come under the scanner during the recent past. However, based on a recent sting operation is appears that bookers are now focusing on the English County Cricket scene.

The sting operation captured Vicky Seth, a bookmaker from Delhi openly confessing that he had the ability to fix matches across the world. Seth confirmed that he was now targeting English County Cricket because he believed that there was an opportunity to make large sums of money.

Seth said ‘English county cricket is a good new market. They are low-profile matches and nobody monitors them. That’s why good money can be made there without any hassle if we can get the players to play for us.’

County Cricket in England has now come under the scanner with the recent arrest of Mervyn Westfield, the former Essex bowler for his role in spot fixing. The ICC has been informed about the recent sting operation and has promised to keep a watchful eye on all matches.

The English Cricket Board will now have to pay close attention to county matches as match fixing is an illegal activity. Both players and officials who indulge in match fixing not only face a suspension for life but also the possibility of jail time.

However, it will be extremely difficult for the ICC to deal with the virus of match fixing as book makers are finding new ways to access and convince players. With the large sums of money being passed around, sooner or later someone will succumb and spoil the spirit of the game.