Mazhar Alam Lodges Complaint Against Casino Director

Mazhar Alam, the former general manager of a casino in South Goa, has lodged a complaint with the police. His complaint is against one of the directors of the casino’s management, Moni Bose. Alam states that he feared for his life because he had opposed various policies that were in place at the casino. His reason for opposing these policies was because he said that the policies were destroying families in Goa.

Mr. Alam has said that 95 percent of the players that come to the casino are not tourists, but rather local Goan gamblers. He said that he had tried to talk to the casino management about this, but that he met with resistance when he did so.

The complaint that was lodged with the Colva police read as follows: “For the last one year, I have been constantly informing Moni Bose to change the policies of the casino in order to increase the flow of tourists and professional gamblers from other parts of India in these casinos, as many young Goans and locals were getting destroyed by gambling in the casinos situated in hotels located in the villages. Recently, for the last three months there have been heated arguments between Bose and myself and all my efforts were in vain. Bose has threatened my family and myself of dire consequences.”

Mr. Alam also said that the casinos are trying to “hook” the local Goans, giving them bonuses such as free playing coupons. He said that it is important to stop the spread of the “disease of gambling” that has “afflicted many Goans.”

Bose responded: “Does he (Alam) have any documents to prove that he has asked me to change our policies? He has never taken up such issues with us.”

The police said that call letters have been issued to both the parties mentioned and that as yet, there has been no FIR registered.