MCA Stadium Curator Suspended

Pandurang Salgaonkar, the pitch curator of the Maharashtra Cricket Association’s stadium, has been suspended. Salgaonkar was caught leaking details about the pitch. He was caught doing so on camera ahead of the India – New Zealand One Day International match.

There had been some doubt as to whether the match would be allowed to take place. After looking into the situation and barring Salgaonkar from the cricket grounds, the match went ahead as planned.

The curator of Wankhede, Ramesh Mamunkar, was brought in to take over in Salgaonkar’s absence. The pitch was also approved by Chris Broad, the match referee and ICC observer.

India Today Reporters Caught Salgaonkar

The news broke after reporters from India Today went to the pitch, and acted as if they were bookies. They asked Salgaonkar for details of the pitch, and he gave out the information against the rules of the BCCI and ICC.

Salgaonkar even allowed the reporters to spend time on the pitch in which they could have tampered with the pitch.

The reporters caught the conversations on film.

Maharashtra Cricket Association President Comments

After the news had appeared on TV, the Maharashtra Cricket Association president, Abhay Apte, made a public statement.

Apte said: “I have to tell that the MCA, of course the BCCI too, along with the Committee of the Administrators (CoA) have zero tolerance on such subjects, so MCA will be making a detailed enquiry on what has happened or what has appeared on television. But before we have our urgent meeting, in the capacity of the MCA President, I have taken Mr. Salgaonkar under suspension with immediate effect, and all his work has been withdrawn, including his basic membership with the of the MCA. The ICC observer has approved the pitch, the match will start on schedule.”

In a statement from the BCCI’s acting secretary, Amitabh Chodhary, it was also noted that there is zero tolerance for any behavior that can bring about a bad name to the game of cricket.