Media Frustrated as India Refuses to Comment

No Comment SignWith the ICC World Cup currently underway, the India team has made it clear that they will not be speaking t the media except when they have to. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the team’s captain did address the media when he spoke at the post-match conference that took place after India beat Pakistan on Sunday.

With India being the cricket World Cup defending champions, the media is looking for comments. When the media manager for the Indian team released details regarding when and when practices would be, he made sure to note that after these training sessions, the Indian team would have ‘no media activity’.

The next time that the Indian team will have a representative speak to the media will be at the next pre-match conference. Speaking to the media at the pre-match conference is mandatory, and cannot be avoided.

The next match that will take place for the Indian team will be against the South African team. The match will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, and the pre-match conference will take place on Saturday. It has been announced that Virat Kohli, the team’s vice-captain, will be speaking at the conference, and that MS Dhoni will not be in attendance.

The reason that the Indian team is avoiding the media comes after a directive from the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) that has stated that the team should only address the media when it is mandatory.

The media are finding it somewhat difficult to report on the Indian team, however, it is suspected that the Indian cricket team is avoiding the media because of being misquoted in the past.

Neeru Bhatia, an Indian journalist, said: “I don’t think the BCCI cares about the media or understands their needs. I find it easier when working with other teams.”