MiiCard to Expand Digital Passport Support to India

Online gambling enthusiasts based in India can expect greater gambling security now that miiCard, the world’s top online identification verification service, intends to extend its digital passport support to India, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand

miiCard will announce the above at FinovateEurope, an influential trade show for financial service providers, which is held in London as a platform for the presentation of innovative ideas and products from leading companies.

miiCard started the fiscal year well by signing a partnership deal with Callcredit, a provider of online credit solutions, and TRUSTe, a certifier of web privacy. The company’s recent expansion to India and other countries along with the strategic partnership deals it has signed strengthens its exclusive position as world’s number-one electronic identity and verification (eID&V) company meeting global anti money laundering (AML) standards.

According to miiCard CEO James Varga, proving one’s identity online and effectively establishing trust is essential for the success of a global Internet business, owing to which the company is expanding its digital passport support to India, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

The company’s decision to expand support to India is excellent news for Indian online gamblers because the primary identity verification that miiCard provides is currently not available in any other eID&V solution. Using a miiCard digital passport is identical to using passports and driving licenses to verify identity at dating, gambling, ecommerce, and financial services.

Yodlee, the world’s foremost provider of personal finance management solutions, powers miiCard. According to Varga, miiCard’s partnership with Callcredit and Yodlee increases the value and credibility of its digital passport.

The strategic partnership deal miiCard has signed with Callcredit facilitates the integration of its anti impersonation technology with Callcredit’s award-winning solutions, which means 100 percent protection for Indian gamblers and online gambling sites and other businesses catering to the requirements of Indian customers.