More Funds Needed To Improve Indian Women’s Cricket

By Dhanu Delphi on April 7, 2020

The BCCI has focused mainly on the men—as opposed to the women’s cricket team—because they are responsible for bringing in most of the revenue to the board. The Indian men’s cricket team have some of the biggest stars in the world and have a massive fan following.

Women’s Cricket Team Becoming Popular 

The concept of Indian women playing cricket and capturing the interest of Indian cricket fans was a foreign concept nearly a decade ago. However, credit must go to the Indian women’s cricket team who have made improvements in leaps and bounds.

The Indian women’s cricket team led by Harmanpreet Kaur played fantastically well in the ICC T20 World Cup that took place in Australia in March 2020. They maintained a spotless record throughout the playoffs and made it to the ICC World Cup final. Kaur and her team had a great chance to win the T20 World Cup and force the BCCI to give them more recognition.

However, they suffered a humiliating loss to Australia in a one-sided final and missed out on an opportunity to press the BCCI for more funding and attention.

Kaur Wants BCCI To Focus More On Women

While Kaur did receive some flak for her poor performance in the World Cup as well as the poor showing in the final, she has taken it in her stride as any good leader would. She is now calling on the BCCI to focus more on the women’s game in order that women cricketers in India can improve and become better players.

Kaur went on record to claim that skill wise India are right up there with the best in the world. However, when it came to overall fitness – she feels that Indian women cricketers are probably five years behind Australia and England in terms of fitness.

One main reason for this major gap in fitness is because Kaur feels the fitness standards and requirements in domestic cricket is below par. The BCCI currently runs a fitness program for 30 women and these players are a lot better in terms of their fitness.

However the rest of the domestic players do not have access to such fitness programs and coaching. Kaur wants the BCCI to dedicate more funds to create such programs and include more women cricketers in the fitness program. She said that these programs need to be for a duration of 2 to 3 years as it takes a long time for a player to change their habits and perform at a higher level consistently!