MS Dhoni – Example of a Top Cricket Player

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been on the international cricket scene for almost 14 years. Although he has cut back his participation in international matches, he has retained his fitness level. Dhoni is often looked at as the yardstick against which team members can measure their fitness.

Former Indian Team Captain Wins IPL

The former Indian team captain has just walked away from yet another IPL in which his team has won. Dhoni’s fitness levels during the 2018 Indian Premier League have helped him to take the Chennai Super Kings to a win.

A fitness camp with Ramji Srinivasan, a former physical trainer for Team India, was held before the recent IPL. The Chennai Super Kings team consisted of players of various ages. During fitness testing, Ramji commended Dhoni’s fitness level.

Ramji Srinivasan commented: “MS is still the fittest of them all in the Team India ranks.”

He also noted: “Dhoni once again led by example.”

Dhoni, at age 36, is more fit than many of the younger cricketers. Ramji continued to extol his praises, saying: “Look at the shape he’s in, considering he’s not playing round the year. Extremely impressive. He’s the one from who the rest should be seeking inspiration.”

Dhoni vs Kohli

With MS Dhoni remaining on the cricket scene after handing the team’s captaincy over to Virat Kohli, many question which is the better captain. Dhoni’s team has just won the Indian Premier League, with the former Team India captain continuing to excel. There are many that believe that Dhoni’s excellent leadership abilities mean that he should continue to be the team’s limited overs captain.

Kohli’s team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore, did not fare well in the IPL. Many question the quality of his captaincy in limited overs games and in difficult conditions.

Despite Dhoni’s top performance as the Chennai Super Kings skipper in the 2018 edition of the IPL, he is unlikely to captain Team India again.