Multiple Gambling Raids Have Taken Place this Week

Indian - handcuffs - openPolice in India have been cracking down on illegal gambling in many different areas. While at times, there may be perhaps two gambling raids in the same city on the same night, it is unusual for there to be more than 10 gambling raids taking place on the same day. The raids were conducted in the early hours of the morning.

During the Bhim Agiyaras festival, police decided to crack down on a number of places where illegal gambling was taking place. There were 14 gambling raids that took place in various locations around in the Saurashtra area at the beginning of this week. There is of course some controversy regarding these gambling raids because there is a tradition amongst those who celebrate Bhim Agiyaras in the Surashtra area to gamble as part of the festivities.

The cash and other valuable that were seized during the raids totaled an amount worth Rs 2,692,870. The number of arrests totaled 108 individuals. This is the largest number of people that have been held from a single night of gambling raids to date.

In an open area in Mota Varachha, there were at least 13 individuals who were arrested while caught in the act of gambling. Out of the various raids that took place, this was the raid that arrested the largest number of people in one place. There were seven mobile phones seized in this raid, and a total of Rs 64,700 cash that was seized.

At the raid that took place in Mota Varachha’s Rajhans Tower, police arrested nine of the accused, and seized cash and other valuables to the value of Rs 21.27 lakh.

In a private house in another area of the city, there were seven people who were arrested. In this gambling raid, cash and mobile phones to the value of Rs 53,150 was seized.