Mumbai Indians Beat Royal Challengers Bangalore in Match 37

The Mumbai Indians have been celebrating a great victory over the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The 37th Match of the Indian Premier League took place in the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

The Mumbai Indians batted first, leaving the Royal Challengers Bangalore to try and beat their 194 run total. The Royal Challengers Bangalore simply could not reach 194 runs and ended on 136 runs for 7. The Mumbai Indians ended on 194 for 7, and in doing so, made team history. Over the years, when the Mumbai Indians have met the Royal Challengers Bangalore, 194 runs has been the highest total that the Mumbai Indians have achieved. The Mumbai Indians had their previous high against the Royal Challengers Bangalore when they hit 191. The team’s previous record against the Royal Challengers Bangalore was hit in 2010, at the match that took place in Bengaluru.

Since Chris Gayle is a force to be reckoned with at the bat, there was much excitement when there was an incredible catch by Ambati Tayudu, sending Chris Gayle off the pitch. Gayle was the biggest single threat to the team beating the Mumbai Indians with the 194 total that they had worked hard to reach. Gayle had recently made 175 on his own in a Twenty20 game.

Mumbai won the match with all the batsmen chipping in to help the team reach the 194 runs that they achieved. Perhaps the team was keeping Chris Gayle in mind when batting, and were doing the best that they could while they had the chance.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have won each of the six home games that they have played in the IPL 2013, and the team has lost all three away games that they have played so far this year.