Mumbai Indians Return Triumphant

Mumbai IndiansThe Mumbai Indians have returned home triumphant after winning the Indian Premier League Trophy. The team gathered together at Wankhede Stadium and thanked their fans for their continued support throughout the IPL 2015. The team made a point of thanking their supporters who were still backing them, even when their performance was not so good early on in the season.

The team did a victory lap, led by Rohit Sharma. Coach Ricky Ponting, Anil Kumble, and Sachin Tendulkar joined in, as did the Nita Ambani, a team owner, and her son Akash Ambani, and other staff members.

Mrs. Ambani thanked the fans for coming, and thanked the team for their win. She made a special point of thanking the children from the Eduction for All program, who supported the team throughout the tournament.

Mrs. Ambani said: “The Mumbai Indians are the world to me. Go east, go west, but Mumbai is the best!”

Sachin Tendulkar, the team’s mentor, also spoke from the podium. He said: “Namaskar Mumbai! Your support is invaluable to us. We have been able to do this because of your support. We are glad to be able to share this with you. Thank you!”

He further commented on the journey that the team had gone through, noting that while the team had a rough start with a lot of challenges, they overcame this and went on to win.

Tendulkar said: “The team didn’t start off too well. But challenging moments show true the character of any side. It is a credit to the entire team, the support staff, the owners, and everyone involved with the team, and also the fans, for having the patience.”

Rohit Sharma, the skipper of the team, said: “The support through the IPL was fantastic and I request all to come and support us in the future too, like you have been doing throughout. It wouldn’t have been possible without your support; this title belongs to all of you.”