Goa Offshore Casino: M V Lucky 7 is Not So Lucky

By Dhanu Delphi on August 26, 2017

The M V Lucky 7 vessel that was set to be the sixth offshore floating casino in Goa, has not been so lucky. Last month, the casino boat was beached on a sandbank, and is now in danger of being shut down.

The casino is stuck on the sandbank with a hole in its hull, and the authorities are unwilling to give the vessel much more leeway. The casino was on its way to the Mandovi River, and was beached during a storm, settling on Mirimar Beach. It is still in the same place where it ran aground on 23rd July 2017.

The authorities have noted that the Big Daddy Casino vessel is a “nuisance” and needs to be removed. If the casino is not removed, there is a chance that it will no longer have permission to operate as a casino on the Mandovi River.

DMA Says Vessel Must be Removed

The District Disaster Management Authority (DMA) has taken the matter seriously. “As such, the authority is considering declaring the vessel a nuisance as its continuous presence at Miramar Beach will endanger wildlife and could cause environmental damage.”

It appears that the hole at the bottom of the ship has increased in size, most likely because of the delay in dealing with the situation and moving the vessel. There are additional cracks, and water has now entered the engine room and other parts on the lower floor.

A salvage company has conducted an inspection, and a decision as to whether the vessel will be towed, or whether it needs to be cut up and removed is yet to be made. At this time, the vessel is unseaworthy.

Should the MV Lucky 7 Have Received a License?

There have been a number of opinions expressed that the MV Lucky 7 should not have been granted a license to operate as an offshore casino on the Mandovi River. It appears that profits were put ahead of safety precautions.

In addition to the fact that it appears that vessel is too old, and may not have qualified for an insurance policy, it is also owned by Golden Globe Hotels. Golden Globe Hotels is controlled by Gopal Kanda, a former minister of Haryana. Kanda had been arrested on charges of sexual exploitation and more, however, the charges were later dropped.