National Sports Academy for India Says Jaitley

arun jaitley - sports ministerArun Jaitley, the finance minister, has announced that in order to encourage sports in India, there are a number of plans in place. In addition to upgrading stadiums, the Indian government will also be setting up a National Sports Academy. The government has also planned a Centre for Disability Sports. This announcement came as part of the national budget announcement.

Jaitley said: “The government will set up National Sports Academy for different sports in different parts of India.” There will be a Sports University that has been allocated Rs. 100 crore. This Sports University will be located in Manipur, and the funds will already be provided in this financial year.

Another Rs. 200 crore has been allocated to improve and upgrade both the indoor and outdoor sports stadiums in Kashmir and in Jammu. The upgrades will elevate these stadiums to international standards.

In total, Rs. 400 crore has been allocated to sports. Included in this is the stadium upgrades, and the sports university. In addition to this, the other Rs. 100 crore has been allocated in order to help train Indian athletes so that they will be ready for the next Commonwealth Games in Glasgow that is set to begin in July, and for the Asian Games that are taking place in September.

“Sports are an integral part of growing up and personality development,” said Jaitley. “Unfortunately, in our country, sports have not been mainstreamed to date. The government will set up national level sports academies for major games in different parts of the country to mainstream sports.”

These sports academies will provides training facilities that are able to train both junior and sub-junior levels on an international level. In addition to sports such as track and field event, there will be other sports that will be included, such as archery, boxing, shooting, weightlifting and wrestling.