Nationwide Gambling Network Busted

A nationwide gambling network that was being operated out of Mumbai has been busted. The bust included five arrests last weekend. The Surat crime branch seized two laptops, one dongle, and Rs 1 lakh from those accused of running the Surat online gambling site.

Those who were running the gambling network were charging fees to those that wished to join the website. The police explained: “An individual could become a member of the website by depositing Rs 5,000 to Rs 1lakh in cash and then play 12 types of gambling games.”

Those that were arrested were caught at a hotel that was situated close to the Surat railway station. The accused that were arrested are Arjun Solanki from Bharuch, Shailesh Naik from Pandesara, Vinay Naik from Maharashtra, Aslam Shaikh from Limbayat, and Uttamrao Raipunde from Maharashtra.

Those who were arrested informed the police that it was not their website and that they simply earned commissions from membership fees when signing up new members for the website. The police were told that the owner of the website is in Mumbai. The owner is alleged to be Surajdev Gujarat, and the franchise owner is H Y Khan’s Limbra Infrastructure, that is also based in Mumbai.

The police noted that the site had gained in popularity in recent weeks and that those who gambled on the site felt safe and secure to do so.

After the accused had collected the funds, the funds were deposited into Khan’s bank account in Surat. The players that won online were rewarded for doing so. Instructions regarding collecting funds and making deposits came out of the Mumbai office, and it seems that there were a number of franchises that were set up in various cities around the country. Police are now working to arrest those that were running the network behind the scenes.