New Annual Fee Structure for Casinos

Roulette1The annual license fee structure for both land and offshore casinos has been changed, and new license fees have been introduced. Offshore casinos will need to pay an annual fee according to the capacity of the casino vessel. The amount ranges between 6 crore and 8 crore annually. Land based casinos will have annual license fees that are fixed according to the area that the casino covers. The annual fees for land casinos ranges between 2 crore and 4 crore.

Land based casinos that are located in hotels will need to pay, for example, 2 crore for a casino area up to 100 square meters, 2.5 crore for a casino area from 100 square meters to 300 square meters. Casinos that cover between 300 square meters and 500 square meters would pay 3 crore, and those casinos that are larger than 500 square meters will pay 4 crore.

Offshore casinos will have their licensing fees based on their capacity according to the number of people they can hold. The casino vessels that can hold a capacity of 100 passengers will pay 6 crore. Between 100 and 200 passengers will come with a 6.5 crore licensing fee. Casinos will need to pay 7 crore for between 200 and 400 passengers, and for those casino vessels that can host 400 and more casino visitors will pay a licensing fee of 8 crore.

Neetal Amonkar, the Undersecretary (home) noted: “A uniform beginning from April 1 and ending on March 31 shall be maintained for the purpose of the annual recurring fees.”

The old license fee structure in Goa had land casinos paying a set fee of 2.5 crore, and offshore casinos paying a set fee of 6.5 crore, with no regard to the size of the casino itself. The new fee structures were brought into law by amending the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act of 1976.