New BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Chalks Out Priority Agenda

By Dhanu Delphi on October 15, 2019

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was set to vote on the new President sometime next week. The two candidates that were backed by powerful people were former test captain Sourav Ganguly, who had the support of former BCCI President Anurag Thakur. Then, there was Brijesh Patel, who was supported by former ICC Chairman Narayanaswami Srinivasan.

The nine-member BCCI panel did not cast their votes as per plan. Union Minister Amit Shah stepped in and met with both Ganguly and Srinivasan and brokered a deal. As a result, the BCCI decided to unanimously elect Sourav Ganguly as its new President. The former test captain will occupy the post for the next 10 months.

Brijesh Patel was entrusted with the responsibility of being the chairman for the IPL Governing Council. Meanwhile, Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, has been given the post of BCCI secretary.

Sourav Ganguly Brings A Unique Perspective

This is the first time in the last 65 years that a former test captain has gone on to become the President of the BCCI. Ganguly was surprised to learn that he was unanimously elected as the next President. This is even though, it is for a short period of time. He brings a unique perspective to the President’s role. Ganguly has worn multiple hats during his cricketing career and post retirement.

Ganguly knows the struggles that domestic cricketers face. He also knows what steps and strategies that Indian cricket team must take to go to the next level. Finally, he knows what policies and procedures need to be changed so that Indian cricket can improve going forward. He has already chalked out his list of priorities. He has also shared them with the media. Ganguly states that he hoped the current BCCI panel could work together to fulfill these priorities.

Priority 1: Get More Money From The ICC

Ganguly says that one of his main objectives as President will be to broker a new deal with the International Cricket Council (ICC). This is to ensure that India gets a bigger payout. India is responsible for generating more than 75 percent of global cricket revenues. Ganguly believes that it is time to do away with the 2017 financial model. He wants a new one put in place which will bring in more revenue for the BCCI.

Ganguly wants to meet with the ICC in his new capacity as President. He would like to start discussions without any further delays.

Priority 2: Give More Money To First Class Cricket

Ganguly said that he had been talking to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) for the last three years to get them to pay first class cricketers more money. However, his views were not considered. He will schedule a meeting with key stakeholders in the BCCI to discuss his thoughts on this issue. This will be good news to first class cricketers. Especially, those who do not take part in the IPL and struggle financially.

Ganguly knows that when more money is pumped into first class cricket, it will help in developing the quality of first class cricketers. In turn, this improves the quality of cricket being played. Ultimately, this will pay off well for India and help produce the next generation of world class cricketers.

Priority 3: Sort Out Conflict Of Interest Concerns

Ganguly believes the current policies on conflict of interest need to be changed as they are too restrictive. The current policy only allows a member of the BCCI to hold one post in Indian cricket. Ganguly currently wears three hats as he is employed as a commentator by BCCI, is a coach for the Delhi Capitals and now the President.

He says that this policy does not allow ex-cricketers to contribute to the BCCI. They need to wear multiple hats to earn a living. By allowing just one post, it eliminates a lot talented individuals from helping to grow Indian cricket.