New Casino on the Cards for Sikkim

By Dhanu Delphi on April 17, 2016

Sikkim - Casino MahjongSikkim, located in northwest India, is one of the three Indian states that offer legalised gambling. The other two states with legal gambling are Goa and Daman. Sikkim already has two casinos, and will soon have a third added in the coming months.

The new casino will be located in the Hotel Denzong Regency, which is located in the vicinity of Gangtok. The casino will be operated by Delta Corp, a gaming company that already has other casino interests in India. The Hotel Denzong Regency will be leasing the gaming are to Delta Corp, with the gaming company being responsible for all casino management and details related to its daily functioning.

Although no official announcement has yet been made by either the hotel or the gaming operator, it is expected that the announcement will soon be forthcoming. It has been confirmed that the hotel has already obtained a gambling license that allows for the operation of a live casino.

Sikkim Casinos

The small state of Sikkim legalises casinos under its Control & Tax Act of 2002. The state’s first live casino was opened in 2009, which brought much tourism to the area, and brought in a large amount of income for Sikkim. There are now approximately 12,000 tourists every year. The tourists come specifically to vacation and enjoy the casino entertainment. The two casinos that are already operating in Sikkim are Casino Sikkim, which is located in the Hotel Royal Plaza, and Casino Mahjong, which is located in the Mayfair Resort.

Delta Corp

Delta Corp is the only gaming and hospitality company that is publicly traded in India. The company already owns and operates a land-based casino in Goa and two offshore casinos on the Mandovi River.

At this time, although the deadline to relocate the casinos out of the Mandovi River has already passed, no alternate location has been found. It appears that the Delta Corp floating casinos will still be in the same location for some time.