New Delhi Court Rules Online Poker & Chess Betting Illegal?

Please note, this is an opinion of the court and it is NOT illegal to play games online, it is only illegal for a site to process a monetary transaction. The one playing the game is in accordance with all laws and doing NOTHING wrong or illegal. Now to the news…

A New Delhi court has ruled that both games of skill, such as poker and chess, along with games of luck are considered illegal in India, and those involved with this online wagering cannot be protected under the constitution.  Included in illegal online betting, according to the court, is sports betting.

The order from the Additional District Judge (ADJ), Ina Malhotra, was passed on 17th September,and was publicized on Monday.  The order stated that banks can refuse to offer services to websites that host skilled games that involve money.

The court noted:  “Sports betting is an offense in India and bookies earning money from bets laid on games of skill cannot be granted protection under Article 19(1)(g) of the constitution (right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation).”

The reason that the court case was held was that there was a petition filed a company that is run by former students from the Indian Institute of Technology.  The petition requested the court’s opinion regarding certain issues surrounding wagering and online betting with regards to games of skill.

The company run by these alumni and other partners was planning to launch a website offering games that are known to be games of skill, such as poker, bridge, rummy, chess, and other games.  The company had plans that may have included online wagering for these games, and explained to the court that they did not wish to break the law while undertaking this new venture.

The ruling of the court explained that these games that would include some form of wagering, even with the hosts charging a portion of the prize money to the players, would be considered illegal in any areas in which gambling is prohibited.

The court also said:  “So, while betting or playing for money among players on a game of golf, chess, bridge or billiards may be permitted, they cannot be considered legal if operated by a gaming house.”

In any case, this was held below the High Court and really have no merit so don’t believe all the propaganda that is being spread by many major news outlets. It is business as usual. Please spread the TRUTH and tell your friends or repost this article!