New Indian Olympic Association President to Make Sports Accountable

India - IOA president - Ramachandran 2014N Ramachandran, the newly elected Olympic Association president was elected to this position recently. President Ramachandran was elected to this position during the time that the Winter Olympics took place recently. India had been banned from the Winter Olympics because of past corruption, and the ban was lifted during the Olympics when Ramachandran was elected as president of the Olympic Association.

Ramachandran has made a promise that he plans to keep during his tenure as president. He has said that he will make national federations both transparent and also accountable for their actions. He has also said that if he does not manage to accomplish this goal, he will simply resign from his position as president. He is hoping to turn things around and improve the attitude of those who administer sports in connection with the actual athletes.

Ramachandran said: “National sports federations and their state affiliates will have to understand that there has to be greater accountability and transparency in their functioning.”

He further noted: “As President of the country’s apex sports body, this is what I intend to do and will do. If I don’t, I will resign,”

He continued to note that the sportspeople are the ones that are “the backbone of sport” and that the Federations are not. He explained that the Federations need to change and evolve along with the needs of the sports and the sportspeople.

“There would be more transparency in selection processes and I will monitor the athletes to ensure that they are treated well,” assured the new president.

He further commented: “Sports must change with time or it will degenerate. National federations have to abide by this especially in the matter of selection of athletes and teams for both domestic and international events.”

Ramachandran’s election to this position certainly seems as if it will be beneficial to all sports in India.